GPP in transport and mobility sectors

The seminar is dedicated to the Green Public Procurement (GPP) is delivered by CSDCS – member of the EU GPP network. It aims to harness the purchasing power of governments and businesses to drive positive environmental change. The GPP can be used to lower carbon emissions, reduce resource use and speed up the transition to clean transport and energy, thus spurring innovation in the private sector and set Bulgaria firmly on a track towards a Circular Economy. This event is aimed at giving participants the knowledge needed to help encourage public procurers to embrace GPP. 

The “green” seminar” was organized by CSDCS ( on 22nd of May 2019 in the Conference hall of the Tutrakan Historical Museum. The event was conducted in the frames of the EU Green Week and received promotional material from Brussels. The meeting was attended by representatives of Danube municipalities, their association ADO "Dunav", TCC-Dobrich, NGOs, museum officials and representatives of local business.

The CSDCS Chairperson Prof. Lucia Ilieva demonstrated the achievements of the INTERREG project TRANSDANUBE.pearls and their contribution to the development of sustainable “green” tourism along Danube. The concept of GPP (green public procurements) with a focus on transport and tourism sectors was presented and discussed. It is expected that the GPP will be applied to future public procurements in the Danube region.





CSDCS seminar programme

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Club "Sustainable Development of Civil Society"/CSDCS

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Tutrakan - Bulgaria, Danube region

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22/05/2019 - 22/05/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Energy and climate, Green procurement, Mobility, Nature and Biodiversity,

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Local or regional authorities, Business sector,

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Lucia Ilieva
Phone: +359 888 871208