FIMS - International Sustainable Mobility Forum - Innovation Procurement Meeting Point For Less Emission Mobility

Energy systems are undergoing a profound transformation towards total decarbonisation. This requires public mobility and transportation sector to convert to renewable energy solutions, to enlarge its offer, to integrate better with urban and metropolitan sustainability and to diversify into a more comprehensive offer.

Fuel cell and hydrogen are key technology to respond to those challenges. Fuel cell and hydrogen are both the best available option for renewable energy surplus to be transformed into transportation fuel and for intensive storage to be achieved.

Innovation procurement process accelerates fuel cell and hydrogen best available technologies integration into functional full scale urban and metropolitan mobility and transportation systems.

This forum is aimed at matching offer and demand of fuel cell and hydrogen innovative solutions for emission-less mobility and transportation systems.

The event will bring together technology suppliers, industry, mobility, fleet owners, urban planners, territory managers and policy makers for a mutual update about opportunities and challenges related to the use of Hydrogen to achieve integral renewable emission-free transportation and mobility solutions. Hydrogen ecosystem covering production, storage, distribution, re-fuelling and final use are presented on basis of innovative pilots operated under context of European projects and strategies.

The event is organized with the partnership of EuropeanCommission/FCHJU, Hydrogen Europe, HyER and Corvers Procurement Services.


This event is aimed at encouraging urban authorities, regional governments and transportation managers and fleet owners to adopt hydrogen-based solutions for emission-less mobility.

This forum on Hydrogen-based emission-less mobility and transportation solutions is aimed at presenting functional hydrogen-based solutions demonstrated in European cities and regions, at exposing innovative technological solutions and at discussing methodologies to accelerate the

deployment and implementation of integrated full-scale hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies in mobility and transportation sectors.

The event is also intended to support and enhance public authorities, namely those responsible for mobility and transportation, capability to integrate fuel cell and hydrogen systems into their investment, development, partnership and sustainability plans.

Is also an objective to align local and regional mobility and transportation policies to the broader European strategies for sustainable mobility, decarbonization, energy and hydrogen and so attract innovation, investment and capabilities for these sectors.


Cities, regions, Hydrogen and fuel cell associations, investors, industry, mobility and other stakeholders with a keen interest in the hydrogen sector and its outcomes and interested to learn more about the local hydrogen Clusterd and develop partnerships.



IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Organisation type:

Advisers for local and regional authorities, Universities and clusters,


Entroncamento, Portugal

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Conference, Networking event,


17/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


Energy and climate, Mobility, Quality of life,

Target audience:

Local or regional authorities, Business sector,

Contact details:

Kamila Olchowicz