Face The Future

At the Face the Future event, we will build on experiences from the 2018 Green Capital and we will extend our event to the whole region with 5 different themes where we will focus on.  With this ‘Face The Future’ event, we target both young talents, educational organisations, game-changing companies and civilians to gain profound insights into how to innovate in a sustainable way and share and connect their new sustainable mindset and initiatives.

This event is based on a proven formula of confronting, brainstorming, and seeking innovation that’s based on real-life entrepreneurship challenges with committed project partners. It will be a day of action followed by a week of exploration with connecting people through sustainability that endures long into the future until the Sustainable Development Goals are reached. Inspired by our sustainable innovative leaders in sustainable change, students, experts, young professionals and citizens of the Gelderland region will work on real-life sustainable challenges. Through exploration with sector experts, corporate leaders, major companies and above all the Nijmegen citizens, the innovation teams will identify needs, frictions and opportunities for real life challenges. And throughout the week connect and share these with all stakeholders involved.

The final part of the week marks the beginning of a new sustainable movement. We intend to create a platform to follow up on the outcomes of the event and define innovative sustainability projects for the foreseeable future. The goal is to drive cascade effect and bring growth to the event partners, stakeholders and participants.




Nijmegen, Tiel, Arnhem, Doetinchem & Apeldoorn (Province Gelderland)

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, TrainingOnline event, Conference, Exhibition, Fair, Festival, Seminar, Open door day, Guided tour, Study visit, Networking event, Peer-to-peer reviews and best practices sharing event,


13/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Citizen's engagement, Energy and climate, Governance, Green finance, Green jobs, Training and education, Green procurement, Mobility, Quality of life, Nature and Biodiversity, Spatial planning, Waste, Water, Implementation of legislation, Access to justice,

Target audience:

Children (<18), Students, Research community/Academia, General public/families, Local or regional authorities, NGOs, Business sector, Press/Media,

Contact details:

Aleksandr Stommels
Email: a.stommels@ejvo.nl
Phone: 31627371583