Exposure to Low Frequency Noise - What Risks to Public Health?

 It is known that exposure to noise can cause deafness as well as a variety of disorders such as: discomfort, hypertension, and sleep disorders. It is generally considered that these situations are caused by acoustic phenomena processed by the ear. There are, however, acoustic processes not processed by the ear but nonetheless harmful. Infra-sounds and low-frequency noise are acoustic phenomena that can affect the human body causing irreversible damage but do not cause classic hearing loss. Acoustic environments are usually composed of all types of acoustic phenomena: both those processed by the auditory system and those that are not. It is considered that acoustic phenomena not perceived by the human ear do not cause any injury. This is reflected in the noise assessment procedures used, and consequently in the lack of legal framework, which only require the quantification of acoustic phenomena perceptible to the human ear. Therefore, it is important to publicize and alert studies that investigate the effects of exposure to low frequency noise in public health. This seminar intends to be another event that will give visibility to a theme that needs to be reflected considering the various sources of exposure to low frequency noise, such as: air transport, automobiles and public transports, boats, wind turbines, etc.


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Poster - Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise

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Coimbra Health School / CHS-IPC

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Coimbra, Portugal

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Seminar, Networking event,


28/05/2019 - 28/05/2019


Quality of life, Implementation of legislation, Noise, public health,

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Students, Research community/Academia,

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