Energy Hackathon

Hackathon will be organized in Turku, Finland to gather different teams to brainstorm and develop ideas on how to visualize energy and energy efficiency in a fun and interesting way for children and youth. Proposals are welcomed for how buildings and urban environment could work as learning environments to learn more about energy and its production and consumption and the impacts of individual’s choices. The event is targeted to all specialists, students, companies, start-ups etc. interested in games, AR, energy, coding, apps etc.

The event will be organised in cooperation with two ERDF funded (6Aika Strategy) programme projects Energy Wise Cities and Smart Learning Environments in cooperation with several companies and cities involved in the partnership of the projects.


Energy Hackathon took place on May 17-18th 2019 in Turku, Finland. 12 teams with alltogether 40 participant developed new solutions for visualization and gamification of energy. The winning solution developed by PunnuGames team combined elements of augmented reality, responsible energy consumption and crowd-sourced city planning. The winning team and other good solutions have possibility to continue the development with 6Aika Energy Wise Cities project, 6Aika Smart learning environments project and the cooperation partners.




Energy Wise Cities project (City of Turku) & Smart Learning Environment project (Turku AMK)

Organisation type:

Local or regional authority,


Turku, Finland

Event type:

Networking event, Hackathon,


17/05/2019 - 18/05/2019


Citizen's engagement, Energy and climate,

Target audience:

Students, Business sector,

Contact details:

Maija Rusanen