ConCensus focus on water for part of Midsummer Boulevard East

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) at the proposed New Square in CMK Several types of SuDS are used to control the flow of water. For the new square rainwater harvesting, permeable paving and underground storage tanks combined with tree pits/trenches are proposed. The Council of Citizen Engagement in Sustainable Urban Strategies (ConCensus) is a transparent, citizen-based method of decision making at a local level. It is an opportunity for citizens participate in local decision making. They will: (1) be participating in the preparation of Council policies; (2) receive guidance in how to observe the progress of the policy in question and to ensure they are ready to interact with other citizens, the town hall, the professional sector and the local press.




Organisation type:

Research & technological centre,


Milton Keynes, UK

Event type:

Public Engagement Meeting,


17/04/2019 - 17/04/2019


Governance, Water,

Target audience:

Research community/Academia, General public/families, Local or regional authorities, Business sector,

Contact details:

Monica Pianosi