Challenges and opportunities for the establishment of bio-based value chains

The Lombardy Green Chemistry Association, the regional point of reference of the bioeconomy ecosystem, organises the workshop as one of the main events to be held in Lombardy during the National Bioeconomy Day promoted by the Cluster SPRING and Assobiotec. The event triggers the interregional cooperation and is part of the Vanguard Initiative's “Bioeconomy Pilot” which is co-lead by the Lombardy region and aims at enhancing the Smart Specialization Strategy of 25 European regions. The workshop aims to raise public awareness and promote dialogue on bio-energy production across Europe, bringing together academics, researchers, stakeholders, policymakers and business representatives operating in the bio-based value chain. The objective of the workshop is to exchange ideas on how to support the interregional cooperation on the innovative use of non-food biomass, share experience and discuss bottlenecks in the final step from technical maturity to industrial and market implementation.




Partnership agreement


Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

Organisation type:

Regional Cluster,


Milan, CNR

Event type:

Worshop and Study visit,


23/05/2019 - 23/05/2019


Energy and climate, Circular economy,

Target audience:

Business sector, Research community,

Contact details:

Ilaria Re