Białowieża Science initiative Presentation of findings, science-policy discussion and networking reception

The presentation of ‘Białowieża Science Initiative’, organized by the European Forest Institute and European policy network INTEGRATE, and it is planned on the 15th of May in Brussels. During this event, the objectives, methods and process, as well as the main findings of the Initiative, will be disseminated and discussed. During the first part, the multi-author evidence paper will be launched, emphasizing the points of scientific agreement and disagreement, and knowledge gaps. The second part of the event is dedicated to a panel and plenary discussion on “what can be learned from Białowieża for forest conservation and use in Europe?” Five participants are invited to the plenary session: 1) representative of the European Network “Integrate” 2) representative of IUCN 3) representative of the EUSTAFOR 4) leading forest scientist and participant of the Initiative 5) leading conservation researcher and participant of the Initiative. The event will be preceded by a press conference and media release.



Event flyer


European Forest Institute EFI

Organisation type:

Research & technological centre,


Brussels, Belgium

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Conference, Networking event,


15/05/2019 - 15/05/2019


Governance, Nature and Biodiversity, Spatial planning, Implementation of legislation, Science-policy event,

Target audience:

Research community/Academia, Local or regional authorities, NGOs, Press/Media, Policy makers,

Contact details:

Silvia Abruscato