Batteries - New Business Opportunities

The development of electric vehicles has been a collective effort from governments, authorities, and manufacturers to tackle the deteriorating condition of the environment. Factors, such as growing demand for zero emission vehicles, government initiatives, and improved charging infrastructure are responsible for the growth of battery electric vehicles, leading to the growth of battery market for electric vehicles. Only one European car maker announced that by 2030, it would buy battery cells worth more than 20 billion euros in preparation for mass production of hybrid and electric vehicles. Thus, battery market has huge potential to grow and it is the last moment to join the group of the entrepreneurs and research laboratories to increase the efforts in establishing this new strong business opportunities.

As we are non-profit organisation, we support our members and their activities. Our members suggested us to initiate the action to start activities in favour of implementation of batteries as energy< storage in energy sector and in mobility sector. Therefore, we started activities to join European associations in the scope of energy storage and batteries. Our efforts included organising the conference where we would like to promote battery technology, including lowering carbon footprint thanks to substitution of fossil fuels in transport, especially in the cities as the first step and connect these structures with the European battery market and processing industry connected to battery production.

In the event, we intend to have an introduction with key note speaker coming from European association (European Battery Alliance or InnoEnergy) to describe the expected state of market. After the presentation, we intend to organise round table with the key persons from universities and research organisations already deeply involved in technology research, companies that have the production that may be adapted to the requirements for potential battery productions and the actors already implementing proposed technology (such as Rimac Automobili d.o.o. in Croatia).

According to most industry predictions for next decade, batteries have strong growing potential. As the technology for electric vehicles is still not completely established, it is known that such product need to stand excessed number of charging cycles that essentially lowers the life of batteries. Such exhausted batteries may be used as recycled products for stable energy storage used in energy sector where the space and weight is not essential, and batteries themselves may still be used in lower capacities and longer charging cycles as well as in larger quantities making softer duty cycles for such items.

This will be most of the topics we expect to present during the conference and I hope you would accept it in the scope of European Green Week programme.



Croatian Chamber of Economy/CCE

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Zagreb, Croatia

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Conference, Round table,


16/05/2019 - 16/05/2019


Energy and climate, Mobility,

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Research community/Academia, Business sector,

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Kresimir Stih