A path to eco - life through culture

The event is a local excursion. The participants will be acquainted with the natural landscapes of Cyprus, which are protected and exploited to highlight the culture and the culture of the place. The excursion reveals the value of protecting the environment in combination with the cultural culture. The natural environment is of great value since it is the natural lung of the place. Throughout this excursion, the participants are aware of and understand the ways and best practices for the emergence of culture through the respect of the natural locality. The excursion will take place in the free area of Famagusta, where the natural landscape remains untouched and the culture of the place emerged. Natural caves, botanical gardens, open museums and cultural monuments are our places of visit.


Steps for youth

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Limassol, Cyprus

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Guided tour,


28/04/2019 - 28/04/2019


Green jobs, Training and education, Green procurement, Quality of life, Nature and Biodiversity, Environment and culture,

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Students, NGOs,

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Panagiota Vasileiou
Email: pan.vasileiou@hotmail.com
Phone: 35799897706