Face the Future 2.0

The objectives of our Green Week is to foster cooperation and harmony between the different facets of society in region Nijmegen, through organizing the event ‘Face The Future 2.0’ we would like to support, motivate and inspire our society in building towards a more prosperous world that can be proud to have achieved the SDG's well before 2030. Such activities based in Nijmegen delivers direct opportunities not only locally, but also for the EER Gelderland and beyond, in neighboring German (and other Dutch) parts of the border region Rijn-Waal. The development of region then goes beyond on a global scale. This will eventually formulate a drive for constructive cascade effects. Such results from cascade effects will benefit ecologically for the environment and socially, economically for the participants in various levels within the region and for the EU.

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Eerlijke Jongeren Voor Ouderen (EJVO)

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Awareness-raising activity, Training, Online event, Conference, Exhibition, Fair, Festival, Seminar, Open door day, Guided tour, Study visit, Networking event, Citizen science event, Peer-to-peer reviews and best practices sharing event,


20/10/2020 - 22/10/2020