Partner Events

What is a Partner Event?

A Green Week Partner Event is an event taking place in May-June 2017 which promotes the Green Week 2017 theme, which focuses on green jobs and skills, with the title "Working for a greener future". Such events would be activities taking place at local/regional/national/European level and would include the following type of events, although others can also be considered:

  • job fairs and career days
  • seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • awareness raising events for children students and adults
  • open doors days and guided tours;
  • training and networking events.


The events should be relevant to the theme and therefore should cover elements such as apprenticeships, green entrepreneurships, future trends, training, new skills development and education, green enterprises and green sectors, sustainable development, environmental protection, resource efficiency, and so on.

The Partner Events will be selected from applications that need to be submitted before the deadline, which is 15 April 2017.

We encourage you to register your event as early as possible, in order to benefit most from being a Green Week partner and from your presence on the Green Week website. Events can still be accepted after the deadline but you need to be aware that the deadline is in place in order to ensure that you receive the toolkit and promotional materials in time so that you can brand your event as a Green Week partner event. If you register your event after the deadline there is no guarantee that you will receive these items in time.

When should Partner Events take place?

Events should be held during the months of May and June 2017. Any events that are organised at the same time as the actual Green Week, i.e. from Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June, are particularly welcome and could be further highlighted if they are particularly relevant.

Any job fairs or career days that take place during the month of July will also be promoted.

Partner events taking place during Green Week

If your event takes places during Green Week 29th May to the 2nd June and is relevant to the days theme (see below), then we could give it more visibility by highlighting it on social media etc

Day 1

Partner events that are driving the creation of green jobs to restore and preserve biodiversity, quality production, organic farming, landscape management and eco-tourism would be welcome on Day 1.

Day 2

Let us know If your partner event demonstrates innovation in the water sector by preserving water and creating green jobs.

Day 3

Businesses that are creating new jobs, and or transforming existing ones by providing green skills and jobs would be welcome to demonstrate what they are doing on Day 3.

Day 4

If your company is creating green and sustainable jobs in aquaculture, coastal tourism, marine biotechnology, ocean energy or seabed mining, become a partner event on Day 4.

Day 5

If your city or town is developing green infrastructure and ensuring resource efficient and liveable spaces and creating or facilitating green job growth in our urban areas, become a partner event.


What is the added value to your organisation?

  • If selected, your event will be promoted on the Green Week 2017 website.
  • You will be authorised to claim your event as officially part of Green Week 2017 and to use the official Green Week branding (with the help of a specific toolkit).

How to register your Partner Event?

Please fill in the Partner Event registration form and submit it online for approval from the Green Week Secretariat. If your application is approved, you will receive confirmation and your event will then be published on the Green Week website. You will need to provide relevant items such as a programme, a website link, photos (if possible before but especially after the event) and so on. You may submit more than one Partner Event application.